An exciting new era for sports in Saudi Arabia – 2017 King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships

An exciting new era for sports in Saudi Arabia

An exciting new era for sports in Saudi Arabia

The King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Championships were opened tonight at the iconic Apex Convention Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Both FIDE and the General Sports Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expressed their confidence that an exciting new era starts in the country for all sports.

The opening ceremony was attended by Excellency Turki bin Abdel Muhsin Al-Asheikh, Chairman of the General Sports Authority, Mr Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE Deputy President, Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa al Nehyan, President of the Asian Chess Federation, Mr Jorge Vega, President of Confederation of Chess for Americas, Mr Al Sulaiman Mottaz Abdulrahman, President of the Saudi Arabia Chess Federation, and Mr Geoffrey Borg, FIDE CEO.

In his speech, FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos noted World No.1 player Magnus Carlsen is participating as well as players from 55 countries, among them 10 men out of the World Top-15 as well as 11 out the World Top-15 women. Mr Makropoulos also referred to the organisation of the Chess Olympiad in 1986 in Dubai, which eventually was followed by other major world sporting events, and the organisation of these World Championships in Riyadh can lead to an even larger explosion of sport activities.
Continuing, Mr Makropoulos went beyond his prepared text and addressed His Excellency Turki bin Abdel Muhsin Al-Asheikh: “Your Excellency, I am going to tell you something from my heart. FIDE motto is ‘We are one family’ and we firmly believe in this. We also believe that our sport, and especially such events, should help in developing peace and friendship among people. We would like to see the next event, here, as King Salman Peace & Friendship World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships. Where everybody will be welcomed. (The audience applauded). I am certain that Saudi Arabia can send a strong message for peace and friendship around the world and we are here with my colleagues to help. We are ready to meet with you or your people in the next days, to see how to proceed with the next steps. I want our chess players who are here, our arbiters, our officials, your people, your officials, to be proud in the future that they have been part of the beginning of a great effort, which I hope is going to have great success.”